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ON-LINE DC Spark Tester - Model: KSTD-10 or KSTD-15

  • Input Supply: 230 VAC± 10%, 50/60 Hz±2 Hz:
  • Output Voltage Range: 0.5kV to 10kV DC / 0.5kV to 15kV DC
  • Load: Capacitive cable load up to 18 mm dia. Max.
  • Line Speed: 1200 MPM
  • Indications on Keypad: a. For kV: Digital kV meter, 3.5 digit b. For % load: Digital % load meter, 3.5 digit
  • Fault Counter: 6-digit electromechanical counter (Incremental resettable type)
  • Controls on keypad: Power ON/OFF switch, set kV potentiometer, Test, Fault Reset & Buzzer Reset Key
  • Output contact: 1 no. of 230 VAC /24VDC, 2A changeover relay potential free contact on the backside of the control unit
  • Modes of operation:
    a. AUTO mode: Continuous kV/momentary off
    b. Manual mode: Removes kV on fault till manual Reset.
  • Standards referred: IS 10810-(Part 44)-1984 Appendix-A / UL – 1581 (Part 900)
  • High voltage “ON” Indication
  • Flasher & Hooter for Fault
  • Type of Electrode: Ball chain Electrode
  • Safety interlock: Microswitch interlock for protective cover of HV chamber.
  • Cable Fault conditions: Pin holes, Bare patches. (Fault current 600 microamp)

Customizations for Yazaki India Private Limited

Functionality of Spark Tester

KAT Controls make Spark Testers are designed for testing the insulation quality for Extruder, coiling
machine & cutting cum stripping machine for harness manufacturer. The unit is capable of performing
non-destructive integrity testing on all types of insulated cables for detecting pin-holes, cuts, slits, bare
patches etc.in cable insulation.

The spark tester consists of a High Voltage electrode unit with High Voltage transformer and an
electronic control unit which has a highly reliable solid-state structure and requires minimal


Ball chain assembly used in High voltage / Frequency Electrode unit which is in contact with the cable under test and complete periphery of the cable is covered by corona which ensures effective contact zone around the cable insulation.

This unique feature ensures that the actual voltage displayed on the meter is applied accurately and consistently to the cable surface even if the bead chains do not touch the cable form all sides. A pre-adjusted and extremely sensitive fault detection circuit detects all the faults. As compared to water immersion test this is nondestructive test.

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