Katakkar Engineering

Wire & Cable Testing

High Freq. Inline Induction Preheater

Kat Controls make High Frequency Inline Induction Preheaters are designed to meet the needs of continuous production process. They are used in extrusion lines for insulating wire conductors, to improve the adhesion of insulation material on the conductor. It ensures even flow of insulating as material.

Spark Testers

KAT Controls makes Spark Testers are designed for testing the insulation or sheathing of the cable during extrusion and winding process. The product is capable of performing Non destructive integrity testing on insulated cables detecting pinholes, cuts, slits, bare patches, etc. in cable insulation.

Spark Tester Calibrator

Kat Control make Spark Tester Calibrator is useful for periodic calibration of AC High Frequency, AC Mains Frequency and DC Spark Testers. This versatile instrument is a ‘must’ for quality assurance and conformity which is required for ISO 9001-2000 standards.

Breakdown Tester

This instrument is used to conduct the high voltage test on electric cables. It is necessary that a evaluation of the condition of the insulation, be made by imposing a higher voltage stress for a specified duration.

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